Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What was that?

A few things happened yesterday, that I need to record. 

The first was the incident of the toot. A second grade boy yesterday got up to blow his nose, while we were in morning meeting. During morning meeting, we all sit in a large circle that includes everyone so that we can conduct any business for the day. On his way back to his seat next to me in the circle, he ripped a large fart, right behind my head. Let me tell you, it didn't smell all that good either. I look at the student and asked "Really, dude? Did you have to do that right behind my head?" He didn't have a response, he just shrugged his shoulders and sat down. I started to giggle and he did too! 

A little later that day, we were able to go visit the VA Home which is down the street a little ways from our school. My students go and play bingo with the residents. Well on this particular day, one of my students got a bingo. He was so excited he jumped up, tipped his chair back and yelled "Miss W., Miss W., Miss W." Instead of the most common yell of Bingo! You just have to love his enthusiasm. I think the best part of that trip, was delivering our Valentine's to the Veterans that were playing that day. The smiles lit up the room. I honestly don't know who was smiling more my students or the residents at the home. 

Yesterday, was one of those really great days!

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