Saturday, February 2, 2013

She's all about the fun....

A parent tracked me down at the end of the day... and instantly my thoughts streamed to what happened throughout the day to make sure they were approaching in a non-threatening, pointing fingers kind of way. If you are a teacher, I know you know what I mean. Teachers, out of habit of constantly self-reflecting, we tend to read into minor details and we know anything we say or do in class will get repeated at home (the good, the bad, and the ugly.) Luckily for me it was the good!

The parent comes into the classroom and begins by saying I don't know if I should tell you this but...

(At this point, I am so intrigued that of course I need to know what was said, and what incriminating evidence was shared at home that would warrant the parent coming to see me.) 

So the parent precedes to tell me how her daughter came home singing a song one of the other students shared during our closing crew circle. I need to mention this is song I wish they wouldn't ever sing and deserved a reprimand behind the scenes. (Closing crew is a time to share, remember about our day and to be just plain silly sometimes, it helps us become closer.) Apparently, her daughter was singing the song, over and over again at the top of her lungs. Finally, it started to get on the nerves of her family and her mom asked "where did you learn that song?"
      Student A responded nonchalantly,  "I learned it at school during closing crew." 
      "Oh, was Miss W. ok with that song? Did she say anything to the student who was singing it?"
      "No! Mom, Miss W. is all about the fun! She wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings."

I am so grateful that this parent shared this story with me. It was just a tad bit embarrassing, but it made my day to have one of my students know that school should be fun and most of all, I would never purposefully be mean to anyone. Sometimes as a teacher, you have to correct behavior and you always wonder how students are taking the corrections. Apparently, this student is taking it in stride!

Kids make my day!

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