Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Be Yourself! It's OK to be Different!

Be Yourself!

Grades: 1-2
Length: 2 Days

Lesson 1 “It’s OK to be different!”
         A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon (This is a good book to have on CD!)
1)   1) Before reading, ask the question, “Why do you think she has stripes?” Accept 2 to 3 answers.
2)   2) During the read, as she changes ask students to think about why it is happening to Camilla Bean. Don’t allow them to answer. Just tell them you want them to be thinking about that question.
3)    3)  When you are finished reading, ask the students why Camilla had a bad case of the stripes. Gently guide them to the conclusion that Camilla got a bad case of the stripes because she was afraid to be herself. She liked lima beans! We all have something that we might like to eat or do, that maybe not everyone else likes to do.
For example, I love broccoli. I am sure not all of you like broccoli.
4)   4) It is important that we be who we are and be proud of that. It is ok to be different!
5)   5) Have students share one thing they like that they don’t think anybody else likes.

Lesson 2     A Bad Case of the… Classroom Book
         A bad case of the… handout (see next page to print)
·       This is a guided written activity where they only have to fill in the blank.

1.   1) Listen to or reread the book, A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon.
2.   2) Review the message, “It’s ok to be different!”
3.   3) Today tell the students that you are going to make a classroom book and they are going to be drawing themselves with a bad case of the …
4.   4) Give explicit directions. Name goes in first blank. The second blank is what they are going to be drawing in their picture.
5.   5) When finish, collect all pictures and make into a classroom book.

__________________ was at school when someone
 shouted, “Let’s see some ________________________.”

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