Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Text to Text Connections!

After teaching, text-self connections, it would be a great idea to introduce the concept of text-text connections. The following lessons are using the famous, "odd bird" Tacky the Penguin by Helen Lester. 

Tacky the Penguin and Text to Text Connections

Grades: 1-3
Length: 4 days
Objective: 1) To make connections between two texts.

Lesson 1
                  Tacky the Penguin by Helen Lester (Great to have on CD as well!)

Read Tacky the Penguin. After reading you can fill out a story map or you can discuss the details of the story orally. This will help your students to remember some of the details and hopefully tomorrow when you read Three Cheers for Tacky they will be able to make connections between the two texts.

Lesson 2
                  Three Cheers for Tacky by Helen Lester

1)     1) Remind students about the story Tacky the Penguin. Review some of the details that they remember about the book. Today we are going to learn how to do text-text connections. Text to text connections are like text to self connections, but instead of connecting the story to yourself, you are going connect the text you are reading with another book you have read before.
2)      2)  Read Three Cheers for Tacky.
3)      3) As you read, do a think aloud. Tell students what you are thinking and model what good readers can do. When making a text to text connection. “This part reminds of when … happened in ___________ book.” Continue to use these words throughout your read aloud.    
4)      4)  After reading, show students how you can write or draw your text to text connection onto a large sticky note.          

Lesson 3
                  Tacky in Trouble by Helen Lester

1)         1) Remind students about the story Tacky the Penguin and Three Cheers for Tacky. Review some details that they had in common with each other (text to text connections).
2)        2) Say, “Good readers can make text to text connections when they are reading.”
3)         3) Read Tacky in Trouble. During the story have students share their text to text connections and help them with the wording, “this part reminds of when ________ happened in __________ book.”
4)        4) After reading, have students turn to a buddy and have them share one connection they are having.

Lesson 4
                  Tacky the Penguin and the Olympic Games by Helen Lester
                  Chart paper with Text to Text Connection written as the header
                  Large Post-It Notes

1)        1)  Review all books written by Helen Lester that has Tacky the Penguin as the main character.
2)        2) Remind students that their job as you read today is to make text to text connections.
3)        3)  During the read aloud, give students plenty of time to share with a buddy or with the whole class.
4)        4) After reading, give each student a sticky note and have them write or draw one text to text connection they had.


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