Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Everyone is an Artist!

Have you ever heard, "I am not good at art!" "I hate art!" "Art isn't for me!" Here is a solution that works every time, by showing your students that everyone is and can be an artist!

Everyone is an Artist

Grades: K-3
Length: 2 days (30-40 minutes)
Visual Art Integration
1)    To create an open and safe environment that, students will be able to feel comfortable creating art all year long.
2)   Discuss with students what is and what is not art.

Lesson 1
Water Colors
Water Color Paper
The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds
Large Canvas – Optional

1.    Read The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds.
2.   After reading, discuss with students what happened in the story and how Vashti saw herself in the beginning of the story and how it changed at the end of the story.
3.   Talk about how everyone is an artist and today they are going to prove it by creating a dot like Vashti did in the story.
4.   Show students how to use water colors (if they have never had prior experience). Tell them it is up to them if they want to use just one dot or more than one dot.
5.   If you want you can make a large canvas with the class where each student gets to create one dot of their own and sign it.
6.   When students are done, go on a gallery walk or have several students stand up at a time and have the class appreciate each others work.

Lesson 2
Ish by Peter H. Reynolds
White paper
Crayons, colored pencils or pencils (your choice)

1.    Read Ish by Peter H. Reynolds.
2.   During reading, discuss with students how Ramon views his own art. Discuss how at first he loved to draw. What happened when Leon came along? Who helped him see his art in a new way?
3.   Today you are going to be able to draw your favorite object. Remind students that they should try their best and whatever they end up making, just like Ramon they are going to add the word –ish at the end. Before students go back to their seats give them some brainstorming time, have them whisper in your ear what they are going to draw before they get their paper. Give your students a choice of using crayons, colored pencils or pencils.
4.   After students finish, have them label their picture with what they drew with the ending, -ish.
5.   When all students have completed their artwork have each student stand up and say what their drawing is.

**The “ish” art makes a great display and can show students visual art talents.

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