Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Skippy jon Jones, Ay, Caramba!!!

Have you every met a Siamese Cat who thought he was a Chihuahua? Well, now you have with the help of Judy Schachner? The following lesson plans are more text-text connection ideas. 

Skippy jon Jones; Ay Caramba!

Grades: 1-3
Length: 5 days
Objective: 1) To make text-text connections.
Lesson 1: Skippy jon
            Skippy jon Jones by Judy Schachner

1)    Read Skippy jon Jones in your very best Spanish accent! Students can practice making text to self connections if they want. However, it might be best just to allow the flow of the story to happen.
2)   Complete a story map, including characters, setting (you might want to explain how the story is in Skippy jon Jones imagination and doesn’t really happen when he enters into the closet), beginning, middle, end, as well as, identify the problem and solution.
3)    Completing the story map will help students remember the story better for tomorrow so they can make text to text connections.

Lesson 2 – In the Dog House
            Skippy jon Jones in the Dog House by Judy Schachner
            Chart paper with text-text connections written at the top
            Large Post-It Notes

1)    Today we are going to be reading another story by Judy Schachner called Skippy jon Jones in the Dog House. Have students use their schema, or what they already know to help predict what characters they might see, what might happen, etc.
2)   While we read today I am going to be making some text to text connections. That means when I read the story today it might remind me of another story or text we have read before.
3)   Read Skippy jon Jones in the Dog House. While reading pause and share 2-4 connections that you can make to other texts (the text doesn’t have to be Skippy jon Jones).
4)  After reading, write one of the connections you made onto a sticky note by either drawing or writing your connection or both.

Lesson 3 - Mummy Trouble
            Skippy jon Jones in Mummy Trouble by Judy Schachner (I recommend having this book on c.d.)
            Chart Paper
            Large Post-It Notes

1)    Review text- text connections. Have students think about the other Skippy jon Jones books we have read this week.
2)   Today you are going to be in charge of making text-text connections, while we read and after we read.
3)   While you read aloud, give plenty of opportunities for students to turn to their buddy or share with the whole group.
4)  After reading, give each student a sticky note and have them draw or write their connection. You might want to write the words you want them to use on the board. The part when _________________ happened, reminded of when ______________ happened in the book _______________.
5)   After all connections are completed. Go through each one and either you share it or have the student share theirs (I like to have the student share their connection.)

Lesson 4 –the Big Bones
            Skippy jon Jones and the Big Bones by Judy Schachner
            Chart Paper
            Large Post-It Notes

1)    Access students schema of Skippy jon Jones and have them share a little about what they already know.
2)   Tell students that we are going to continue to make text-text connections while we read.
3)   Have students share their text-text connections either with a buddy or with the whole group as you read.
4)  After the read aloud, have students write their connection on a sticky note and place it on the chart.
5)   When everyone is finished, have each student read their connection and share it with the class.

Lesson 5 – Lost in Spice
            Skippy jon Jones Lost in Spice by Judy Schachner
            Chart Paper
            Large Post-It Note

Follow Lesson 4. 

Do you like Judy Schachner and Skippy jon Jones, here are some other great reads by Judy Schachner:
The Great Bean Caper, Costume Crazee, A Surprise for Mama, and other reads are for your little ones at home.

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