Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Schema! It's what I already know!

Schema is the new, fancy way of saying background knowledge. Schema is what students already know about a certain topic, and will help in their understanding of the new text! 

Schema – It’s what I already know!

Grades: K-3

Length: 1 Day (30 minutes)

1)    Students will be able to define the word Schema.
2)   Students will make a list of everything they know.

         Any book on a topic that interest your students (I usually choose an animal book)
            Long strips of white paper to make a paper crown (ninja head band)

1) As a class, make list about what they already know about the topic you have chosen for your read aloud.
2) Tell students that we just used our schema to tell each other what we already know so as we read we can check the information we already know about it and we can add to our schema by learning new information.
3) Schema is a fancy word that means what I already know. (Have them repeat after you) Schema, it’s what I already know! Repeat several times.
4) During the read aloud, as you read something from the text that was on your list, refer to the list and say, we already knew that, we had schema that …
5) After the read aloud, tell students that they had a lot of schema on the topic, but we have schema on a lot of other things to. Tell students about other things you already know, I know my ABC’s, I can count to 100, I can add, I can write my first and last name, I can use paint, I can sing twinkle, twinkle, little star, etc.
6) Tell students that they are going to be drawing or writing down the things that they already know or their schema. Their job is to make schema hats!
7) Give students between 5-10 minutes to write down everything they know, remember to have them write the word SCHEMA on their hats.
8) After all hats are made, have students wear them and repeat the phrase schema, it’s what I already know.

            Now that you have introduced the word schema to your kids make sure that you use the phrase frequently before reading, have them access their “schema” so they can better prepare for the information that they might read or hear in the book.

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